NEET - 2020 & 2021

TARGET CENTUM  Postal Test Series for NEET is equal to an effective Direct Test Series Program.  In fact, more than a Direct Program.  But, all the facilities at your home itself! How?  See here:

(1) A-Z tips in the "Directly Speaking Style" to score Full marks.

(2) Regular Postal Tests - Unit Tests as well as Full Syllabus Model Tests.

(3) COMPLETE FEEDBACK FOR EVERY TEST:  Evaluation, State Level Ranking, Customized Tips, Reasons for losing marks, etc.

(4) The coverage of syllabus is in such a way that the Tamil Nadu Plus One and Plus Two syllabus are balanced with the CBSE syllabus.

(5) While guiding for NEET Entrance Exam,  Support for Plus One and Plus Two Board Exams for every chapter is also given.



This course offers perfect tips regularly to score centum in Plus Two Board, such as how to read, revise, write the exams, etc through-

(i) A small volume "SUCCESS FORMULA" that gives A-Z tips to score centum in a friendly style;

(ii) Motivating circulars along with every despatch of tests, to build confidence in the minds of students and clear many psychological & physical barriers.  Such hidden barriers may exist in most of the students, but, the students themselves may not know that such barriers exist in them!  We have understood all their barriers and hence we guide the students to come out of such barriers.


We deliver Challenging Tests SIMILAR TO the actual NEET at your doorstep through courier/ Post on fixed dates every month, throughout the academic year(s).  To help you to plan in advance, we send the Schedule & Syllabus of tests immediately after enrollment!

You will get both Unit Tests & Full Syllabus Tests safely kept in sealed covers with clear instructions to answer them, throughout the year.  After answering them, you have to send the written answer sheets back to us within the date mentioned in the test enclosure.

We evaluate the tests sincerely and return them on the fixed dates, with a Customized Report containing:

(i) Your Marks.

(ii) Top 5-10 Rankers List among every group 50 students (We form many groups in random among the total number of students).

(iii) Right Answers with answer tips.

(iv) A Customized report for every test (a) mentioning the good aspects followed by the student in that particular test and (b) advising the student to avoid the negative aspects that reduced his/ her marks.


If you are going to write NEET in the year 2020 or 2021, you can enrol in this course.  TARGET CENTUM itself is enough! However, Even if you undergo tuitions/ coachings anywhere else, enrol TARGET CENTUM to safely score the Crucial Magic Centum marks by practising 1000s of Extra Questions from within the syllabus.

If you need more details, feel free to call 96 88 33 22 33 (or) 93451 55444  for customized advice for you. And, Don't forget to go through all the tabs in this website in which you can see sample materials, achievements, student letters, etc.

Have a Nice learning Experience!


If you need more details, Call 96 88 33 22 33 (or) 93451 55444 for a customised advice for you and fees details. 

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