STARWIN - A perfect choice for Postal/ Correspondence/ Distance Learning Courses for scoring Centum in +2 and 10th Std Board Exams of Tamilnadu State Syllabus (Phy, Chem, Mat & Bio) and NEET Entrance Exams!  It also gives Perfect Counseling for scoring high and for dealing with the problems in learning and life. Just read all the pages of this blog! You will find a door of hope opening for you!

STARWIN, an Educational & Advertising Organisation is based at Trichy and is managed by its Director Mr. Rajan, M.B.A, who has more than 22 years of experience in coaching, counselling and advertising and followed by a team of experts!

It functions from the year 1994 and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization for quality.

STARWIN offers the following services for the students of the classes 10th std to Plus two, and also for other age groups:

1. TARGET CENTUM Postal Test Series - For NEET Entrance Exams, 10th std, 11th std and 12th std students of Tamilnadu State Board Students. Packed with tough tests with perfect evaluation indicating mistakes, reporting and ranking that enable the students to write tests and get clear report about their performance.

2. TARGET CENTUM COUNSELLING SERIES: STARWIN's Director Mr.Rajan offers tele-counselling and face to face counselling to the students for scoring centum in exams and also for the people of all ages to tackle their problems in life, career and spirituality, in a customized way.

3. Advertising Services for individual advertisers and business community to plan, design and release advts in all media - Print, T.V, internet and social media advertisements!  Refer: starwinmediaservices.blogspot.com

STARWIN has gained the trust of the parents and students and customers from all over the country. It is producing hundreds of Centum Scorers and Rankers every year! It offers not only the coaching, but, also teaches the students about certain principles in life that will help them in their future life.

STARWIN strongly believes & promotes Spiritual Values and hence it follows only ethical practices in its activities and we never follow cheap promotional practices like offering different rates to different people. It fixes charges/ rates and stick to it for all the students/ customers!

Feel free to contact us for any information you want without hesitation and we will be very happy to serve you. To get a clarity, visit all the TABs in this site and then come to us!

Helplines:  96 88 33 22 33 and 93451 55444.

Mail:  director.starwin@gmail.com

Another Important website with payment gateways and E-Application forms:   www.starwin.in

To get Centum Tips and motivational stories:  www.targetcentum.com

All the best!