Monday, 29 June 2015


Reading a content in your syllabus needs a Proper plan.  If you read the chapters without any plans, it will end in confusions and you can not do more revisions.

So, you have to allot times for reading new contents and also to revise old contents on the same day.  Tough subjects can be read during early mornings.  Revisions can be done during mid day or night time.

When you read every chapter, you should read from the beginning till the end of the chapter many times.  Do not stop by reading just as a question -answer pattern.  Read the contents of every chapter like reading to gain the knowledge.  Read the contents of every chapter in the same sequence as it appears in the text book.  This will help you to gain the knowledge in a proper sequence.

After reading every chapter like this in depth, next, you have to start practising the questions and problems given behind every chapter.  Now, you can find out the answers easily because you have read the chapter deeply in the same sequence.

After completing all the BOOK-BACK questions , then, analyze every sentence of that chapter and think whether any question can be taken from that sentence.

Write down the question that comes in your mind  in a note book.  Thus you will create a new Question Bank containing so many extra questions and problems from every chapter.

Revise the above chapter many times before going to the exam.

Thats all.  You will find all the questions easy in the exam.

Try this advice.

Saturday, 16 May 2015


Many students do not realize the importance of revision of lessons.  When we read a lesson, our brain starts to forget it from the next minute itself.

So, one need to send the same lesson again and again to the brain atleast for 50 times before going to exams.  When we revise a lesson every 10-15 days atleast 50 times, it will never escape from our brain.

So, do not just stop with reading a lesson once and do not fail to revise the first lesson when you go to second lesson and further.  If you fail to revise the earlier lessons, you will end up in forgetting some portions that you prepared.

Whether it is American Education or Indian Education, the best method for enhancing memory is REVISION OF LESSONS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

There is no short cut for this.

You can also imagine the details you read as a picture.  This will also help you to remember the contents.

So, revise more and enhance your memory.

We will see many tips like this in this site.


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